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Hi! I'm lauren, the mama behind the lens

My love for capturing emotive motherhood stems from the lack of motherly connection I had growing up.

Now that I have children of my own, I am profoundly aware of how powerful selfless, motherly love is. The relationship I have with my children is everything to me.

I want my children to look back at photographs and be reminded of how it felt for me to embrace them in a hug, wipe the tears from their cheeks and smother them with kisses.

This is what I want to preserve for you.

Documenting your motherhood journey is not only important for you, but also for your children. These images will be the biggest gift. It is the legacy of your love for them.

I would be honored to turn your motherly love into heirloom artwork.

The Stepek Family
The Stepek Family

Photos 1+2 taken by By Mother & Wild

Fun tidbits

  •  I put ranch and hot sauce on pretty much everything.
  • Before starting my photography business, I was a registered nurse.
  • Being outdoors is my happy place, but especially the beach.
  • My most favorite experience I have ever had is giving birth to my son at home.
  • My idea of a perfect date night with the hubs is kayaking +  going to a local  brewery and grabbing a bite at a food truck.

My artisitc style + Approach

If you asked me to describe my style I would say warm, emotive and romantic. I am drawn towards photographs that give you some nostalgia, like looking through your parent’s old photo album. They’re timeless. They’re candid. They make you feel something.

My approach to sessions is very laid back. I’m not a drill sergeant but I won’t leave you feeling awkward thinking “ok what do I do now”.  I give direction when needed, but I mostly focus on capturing authentic interactions between you and your loved ones. I encourage lots of snuggling, playing and loving up on one another. I call this a storytelling approach, instead of the traditional “say cheese” approach.

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